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Cal D Pantothenate

D calcium pantothenate is a synthetic substance made from pantothenic acid and sold as vitamin B-5 supplements. Vitamin B-5 is one of the eight B vitamins and an essential nutrient your body uses to create energy and break down carbohydrates and fats. Your body requires the B-complex vitamins including B-5 to carry out many nervous system functions. Doctors also prescribe D calcium pantothenate as a treatment for acne and morning stiffness associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

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Administration of pantothenic acid orally and application of pantothenol ointment to the skin have been shown to accelerate the closure of skin wounds and increase the strength of scar tissue in animals. Adding calcium-D-pantothenate to cultured human skin cells given an artificial wound increased the number of migrating skin cells and their speed of migration, effects likely to accelerate wound healing. However, little data exists in humans to support the findings of accelerated wound healing in cell culture and animal studies. A randomized, double blind study examining the effect of supplementing patients undergoing surgery for tattoo removal with 1,000 mg of vitamin C and 200 mg of pantothenic acid could not document any significant improvement in the wound healing process in those that received the supplements. 

A pantothenic acid derivative called pantethine has been reported by a number of investigators to have a cholesterol lowering effect. Pantethine is actually two molecules of pantetheine joined by adisulfide bond (chemical bond between two molecules of sulfur). In the synthetic pathway of coenzyme A (CoA), pantethine is closer to CoA than pantothenic acid, and is the functional component of CoA and acyl carrier proteins. Several studies found doses of 900 mg of pantethinedaily (300 mg, three times daily) to be significantly more effective than placebo in lowering total cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood of both diabetic and non-diabetic individuals. Pantethine was also found to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in diabetic patients on hemodialysis without adverse side effects. The low side effect profile of pantethine was especially attractive for hemodialysis patients because of the increased risk of drug toxicity in patients with renal (kidney) failure. Pantethine is not a vitamin; it is a derivative of pantothenic acid. The decision to use pantethine to treat elevated blood cholesterol or triglycerides should be made in collaboration with a qualified health care provider, who can provide appropriate follow up.


Pantothenic acid is likely safe for most people when taken by mouth in appropriate amounts. The recommended amount for adults is 5 mg per day. Even larger amounts seem to be safe for some people, but taking larger amounts increases the chance of having side effects such as diarrhea.

Dexpanthenol, a derivative of pantothenic acid, is possibly safe when applied to the skin, used as a nasal spray, or injected as a shot into the muscle appropriately, short-term.

Special precautions & warnings:

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Pantothenic acid is likely safe when taken in recommended amounts of 6 mg per day during pregnancy and 7 mg per day during breast-feeding. However, it is not known if taking more than this amount is safe. Avoid using larger amounts of pantothenic acid.

Children: Pantothenic acid is possibly safe for children when taken by mouth appropriately.

Hemophila: Do not take dexpanthenol, a derivative of pantothenic acid, if you have hemophila. It might extend the time it takes for bleeding to stop.

Stomach blockage: Do not take dexpanthenol, a derivative of pantothenic acid, if you have a gastrointestinal blockage.


A Look at the Benefits of D-Calcium Pantothenate

What is D-Calcium Pantothenate?

D-calcium pantothenate is a form of pantothenic acid, or vitamin B5. Found in plants and animal tissues as well as cereal grains, eggs legumes, and milk. Most known for protecting cells against peroxidative damage by increasing the level of glutathione--an important compound aiding in the oxidation-reduction of cells. 

Understanding D-calcium pantothenate and the benefits it provides is essentially a study of vitamin B5. Of the eight B-vitamins, vitamin B5 is often overlooked. It plays an important role in helping enzymes work effectively, it’s water-soluble, and an essential nutrient that synthesizes and metabolizes fats, carbs, and proteins. These functions give vitamin B5 far-reaching effects on how the body functions. 

Benefits of D-Calcium Pantothenate

An Enhanced Memory

If you’d like your mind to be sharper, form memories better, and recall information, D-calcium pantothenate may help you. This is mainly because pantothenic acid is used to synthesize coenzyme A (CoA). CoA helps to produce acetylcholine, which functions as a neurotransmitter, may help your brain and neurological systems function a little faster.  Another benefit of an increased amount of acetylcholine is an enhanced memory. Acetylcholine may also help the learning process by aiding in memory formation.

Reduced Brain Fog

On that same note, taking D-calcium pantothenate may help to reduce brain fog, or feelings of forgetfulness and confusion. It’s usually accompanied by a general lack of focus. People want to have a clear mind, but when brain fog sets in, it’s hard to focus on specific tasks, and as a result, very little gets done. With D-calcium pantothenate, the effects of brain fog may lessen, helping support concentration and comprehension, while maintaining focus on whatever they’re doing.

Better Skin

Having a vitamin B5 deficiency may lead to acne, partly because a deficiency causes oil glands in the face to become more active. However, for teens and adults that take D-calcium pantothenate, it may help to clear up their skin and prevent bacteria from getting trapped in the pores, keeping the skin healthy and vibrant.

Improved Stamina

In addition to the other benefits mentioned above, vitamin B5 also helps ensure that metabolic activities within the body are working normally. This helps the human body function efficiently, which can lead to feelings of increased energy. People who take D-calcium pantothenate may experience increased stamina since their bodies are performing at a more efficient level.

Taking D-Calcium Pantothenate

While a healthy diet of vegetables and whole foods can help you get enough vitamin B5, if you fall short, there’s always D-calcium pantothenate, which is readily available to nootropic stacks. Once you make sure you are getting everything you need, you’ll definitely notice the difference both in body and mind.

Further Reading

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