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Helps combat oxidative stress and reduce agitation.

Directions for Use:
1 - 2 tablets twice daily. Do not exceed recommended intake.


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NAD is a metabolic co-enzyme and has the important job of restructuring, repairing and renewing every single one of your cells. NAD addresses the oxidative stress your body goes through when you have been overdoing it, feeling fatigued or are under continual stress.

NAD helps with cell renewal.  Every cell in our bodies renews itself every 7 years.  There isn’t a single cell left in our bodies at the end of a 7-year period that was there at the beginning of 7 years.  Continually renewing ourselves is actually hard work and NAD helps promote cell renewal. Because we are a collection of cells it makes sense that physiologically giving our body what it needs to aid the cell renewal helps our emotional and psychological well-being as well.


  • Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD)

Patient Compliance

NADplus is not intended to replace good diet and nutrition, a good physical exercise program, or any psychological or emotional support you are currently prescribed but are specifically designed to be used to aid and assist a healthy lifestyle. If you are struggling emotionally, psychologically or physically or are currently taking any other medication please speak to your GP or health care professional.

NADplus can be taken with other supplements. Please see supplement product leaflet for more information and to verify compatibility.

Please see the Help and FAQs section of the website for relevant research and information on this product.

NADPlus     £39.99

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