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Krill Oil

Helps cognitive brain function

Directions for use:
Children age 5 -12 1 capsule per day. 
Age 12 and over 1 -2 capsules per day.

Krill Oil

£19.99(including VAT)

Our bodies can not product omega-3 on its own so it is essential that we get all we need through our diet or with supplements. Krill oil is a good source of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. It can protect against heart disease, treat depression, and help prevent cancer. Omega-3 fatty acids in krill oil attach to phospholipids as opposed to triglycerides, which in makes the omega-3 in krill oil easier to absorb.

Our Krill Oil is environmentally friendly. So we are helping you while not compromising the health of our planet’s oceans.

Patient Compliance

Krill oil is not intended to replace good diet and nutrition, a good physical exercise program, or any psychological or emotional support you are currently prescribed but are specifically designed to be used to aid and assist a healthy lifestyle. If you are struggling with emotionaly, psychologically or physically or are currently taking any other medication please speak to your GP or health care professional.

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Krill Oil     £19.99

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